Fruit Tree Restoration Project

Our Fruit Tree Restoration Project was designed to improve and extend our display of fruit trees developed by Luther Burbank. His first major accomplishment in California was the propagation of 20,000 prune trees, and he spent considerable effort over the years to improve the flavor and yield of many different fruits.

Several of the fruit trees in the Gardens had reached the end of their life spans, and others were not thriving. The Restoration Project removed these trees and replaced them in a more beneficial location with new semi-dwarf trees of the appropriate types including Mr. Burbank’s Santa Rosa and Wickson plums.

This revitalized Orchard complements the Edible Garden and remains a highlight of the Garden tour for visitors and school groups.

The Fruit Tree Restoration Project was funded in part by proceeds from Clark Wolf’s Farm Forums, John Lyle’s Chosen Spot pop-up dinners and the Wine and Roses Chapter of Questers.