Luther Burbank’s Birthday Un-Party

It’s Luther’s birthday (And Arbor Day too)
How can we celebrate? What can we do?

It might be raining, some won’t be in the city,
But to do nothing would be such a pity.

So let’s have an Un-Party where you don’t have to come
But still show your support for our legendary one.

You won’t be there, and neither will others,
Luther would be, if he had his druthers!

So thanks in advance for your kind donation,
If there were a party, you’d get a standing ovation!

Luther Burbank Home & Gardens Association
Board of Directors

Here’s Luther’s Gift Registry



 $25 for a birthday card you don’t have to find


 $50 for a birthday hat you don’t have to wear



 $75 for a birthday cake you don’t have to bake   (bonus: no calories!)


$100 for a present you don’t have to wrap


How Can You Join in the Celebration?

  • Print out this form and mail a check.
  • Call 707-524-5445 and pay by MasterCard or Visa.
  • Use PayPal:
    $25 $50 $75 $100


  • Tell a friend about LBH&G, plant a tree, plant a daisy, (carefully) pet a spineless cactus or eat a Burbank potato.

Your donation of any amount will help us with our goal to expand the educational programs at Luther Burbank Home & Gardens.  We think Luther would be pleased!

Luther Burbank Home & Gardens is a nonprofit entity with federal tax ID #26-3008405.  Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.