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Arbor Day 2019

The morning of March 7, Luther Burbank’s birthday/Arbor Day was lovely! Well, the weather could have been sunny, but not a drop of rain fell to dampen the celebration. The new ‘Santa Rosa’ Plum tree sported white blossoms and suited its new home in the former fountain site near the Tupper Street gate. The remarks to the gathering were welcoming and brief, before Rachel Spaeth invited the guests who wished to plant little Shasta daisy plants to grab some gloves and a trowel to randomly plant them to surround the tree. They will spread out and be beautiful. I didn’t...

Luther Burbank’s Birthday Un-Party

Luther Burbank would be 167 years old this year! Rather than throw him a party, we’re throwing him an un-party! UPDATE: March 8th. Thanks to your generosity, we’ve raised over $1000!